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family campingMost people love to go camping at least once a year and it’s best when you can get the whole family together. There is something special about spending a week or two enjoying time together outdoors and away from your daily routine. In fact, there are many families who plan their family reunions at a campsite. There are many advantages and benefits to doing so.

We live in a world that is fast paced and stressful. It was not too long ago when family members of all generations would get together quite often. Today however, that is not always possible because of a busy lifestyle. Many family members simply do not have the time to visit their relatives throughout the year.

Camping gives you the opportunity for old friends or distant family members to reconnect. It’s convenient because you can share meals, plan activities together, and spend time around the campfire each night.

Younger generations get a chance to meet their cousins and elders get to spend time with their grandchildren. We often see teens teaching their grandparents how to do something on their phone and grandparents teaching the kids how to play card games. It’s good for everyone when you can learn and share with each other. These are the moments that are hard to carve out in our every day life due to busy work, home, and school schedules.

It often happens that a family will try a camping trip one year and find it to be so successful that they then begin coming every year after that. Each summer you see them catching up and meeting new babies or hearing about new jobs, homes that were purchased, kids that have graduated, and who got engaged.

Families are the roots from which we grow and how wonderful is it to enjoy spending time with the people in our family tree. If you’re interested in bringing your family to camp with us we are happy to help you coordinate the trip and we look forward to seeing you soon.